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If you are a collector of bags, then you should definitely have your very own Marc Jacobs bag. In 1963, Marc Jacobs was born to a family that was into theater, in New York. He was able to study at Parsons School of Design, and from then on, it was immediately seen that he had talent. In line with this, he was able to receive different kinds of awards like the award for the sweaters that were hand knit, which was called the Perry Ellis Gold Thimble Award, he also got the award, Design Student of the Year, along with the Chester Weinberg Gold Thimble Award.

By 1986,he already showcased the very first line (Marc Jacobs bags). The following year, he was able to bring home the award for New Fashion Talent, and to top it all off, he was considered to be the youngest amongst the designers who was able to win such prize.

He was able to join Perry Ellis in the year 1988 and during that time, he became very popular because he dared to put to good use colors as well as silhouettes. Then, in the year 1992, following the designs that he made for his grunge collection, he decided to return to the brand that he had, and left Perry Ellis. It was beyond doubt that the brand was capable of choosing fabrics well since it made use of the kind of cloth that was considered to be sensuous, and examples would include angora, mohair, as well as cashmere.

It was in 1997 when this talented designer became Louis Vuitton’s artistic director. Through him, fashion that was ready to wear became available, and even different accessories lines began to develop as unique for the ruling fashion trends of the time.

These design purses were able to generate an outstanding success not only for the company, but also for the industry. The fashion world has seen the success of these designs and customer have valued the variety and styles.

Marc Jacobs Olga purseTake the Olga purse as an example, it has shiny and grained leather, beautiful laconic design and zip closure, The material is calf leather and the inside is also lined with this leather. It is a purse that would go well with a business suit, dress and jeans. And it does add an attitude to the outfit. It can be purchased at the official brand's internet shop for 1495 USD.

So far these handbags are among the top best-sellers and this is both because of the impeccable and trendy styles and shapes, great variety of color choices as well as some reasonable attitude in handbags pricing. Marc Jacobs Stam bag (all size versions) are considered to be the most successful bag from the brand.

Unfortunately the success does not come without the shadow market - many replica bags have been made also out of this brand's top handbags. Replica bags and purses boost quality, but a fake Marc Jacobs bag or Marc Jacobs replica will always be only a knockoff bag. Never buy these. Even if the price is tempting.

And today it is becoming more and more easy to buy a genuine discounted designer bag. Many brands hold their handbag sales which generate huge interest. Read more on discounted designer handbags from this label.

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