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Monica Botkier bags are very unique, sophisticated and urban chic. The Bianca Satchel and Botkier Trigger, as well as Sasha purses are definitely the bags for a city girl. They are playful and at the same fulfill all criteria for a bag � easy to wear and comfortable to use.
New Yorker Monica Botkier started her carrier in fashion business as fashion photographer and worked for the fashion industry for several years. She was one of the top photographers for major fashion magazines and her career was going really well. Also today she has not left the photography world and is shooting the brand's campaigns herself. ��
What is unique about these bags is that Botkier combined functionality with luxury and Manhattan style. And city women appreciated that.� The unique leathers, beautiful detailing of her handbags is really attractive. These handbags have been real bestsellers among the branded bags and their functionality is also great. This designer is designing handbags that are easy to carry, trendy and functional as well. This has been the selling point of any Botkier bag collections and it is working.

At the beginning Monica Botkier made some bags for herself. In 2003, being inspired by great reviews she received for her bags, Monica designed her first handbag collection. This collection was extremely successful and Botkier purses became ones of the IT bags. �her talent was approved by the fashion world and in 2007 she became the member of Council of Fashion Designers of America.

Now the brand produces not only bags, but also shoes and other accessories, such as leather cuffs.

The company launched also the shoe collection in 2008. Botkier purses have been seen on many celebrities. Kate Bosworth, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba and other celebrities are carrying Botkier bags.
Botkier replicas are all over internet, although in some cases these replica Botkier handbags are made of normal looking materials and leather, they can be no match to original handbags. Some of the fake Botkier bags are available on the websites saying that these are originals on sale. But don't be fooled. Replica Botkier Bianca Satchel might look similar to original bag, but it is no match to this beautiful modern accessory.

Botkier Rio tote saleBetter try your luck and get discounted Botkier Trigger bag or Sasha bag on sale. There are a lot of choices in the brand's website sale section. For example the large Rio tote in shiny gold metal shade. For just $ 118 you an get it today. Sized 14" x 14" x 5.5" it is very practical and pretty.

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