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Carlos Falchi bags are smart, innovative and top quality. This unique designer comes from Brazil; he came to US in 1964 and worked as a club manager in Kansas City. He was known as a very expressive personality and that showed also on his outfits.  Carlos Falchi has even  designed some costumes for artists and his interest in fashion started from making outfits.

His first major success hit him when he met withFalchi Snakeskin Clutch Geraldine Stutz, who was the buyer for Henri Bendel – she noticed the quality and design of Falchi’s produced bag and ordered several ones immediately. Falchi’s purses soon became the IT bags, the “must haves” of 20th century. Such celebrities as Madonna, Cher and even the wife of president Nancy Reagan carried them. And the success continues in the 21st century as well – Eva Longoria, Sienna Miller, Jessica  Simpson and many more have been spotted with Carlos Falchi handbags.

These super quality handbags are one of the quality benchmark for all leather handbag manufacturers, because Carlos Falchi handbags have it all - the quality, impeccable craftsmanship, best leathers and elegant style. These stachels and clutches are one of favorite celebrity handbags, they have been seen on red carpet events, such as premiers, Oscar ceremonies and numerous glam parties. This is also not only the glamour or the exotic leathers, but true and inspirational and bright designs that are the basis of this brand's success.

Beautiful colors and unique combination of textures characterize Falchi purses. FOr example, totes made by him are very practical and comfortable as well, not to mention the absolute quality of the handbags.

The leather ranges from alligator, deer and goat leather to python and ostrich. Leathers are dyed in all colors from neutral tones to bright red and violet or orange. Also deep green is a favorite shade for this brand.

There are many black leather handbags as well Carlos Falchi Juliet Poofto buy from the most recent purse collections. The daring and joyful shades used are part of the irresistibility to buy Carlos Falchi bag.
Many of these classy bags are available in Saks Fith Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s  and also at their online stores as well. The purse model (photo above) is the Juliet Poof by this designer and it is available online.

Be ware of Carlos Falchi replica handbags. These fake purses have been spotted in Ebay on umerous occassions. Fake replica Carlos Falchi handbags are available on many websites. Mirror image quality replica totes and purses, as well as replica Falchi shopping bags have the same looks, but cheaper price. If the price is your main concern then there are great and legal ways to buy authentic designer handbags on sale. Mostly these discounted Falchi clutches and totes are available online.

The leather handbags and other fashion handbags, including purses and evening purses have to be bought original bag sale - you will get the low price together with the quality and authenticity.

Carlos Falchi Bags

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