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Gucci story is interesting one, as this company has been on the top of fashion world, it has also had its difficult times and has been able to pull it together and return as one of the customer favorite brands. The company was started in 1921 in Florence - the city of arts. It is one most successful Italian leather handbags and leather accessories and fashion brands today, as it is also one of the best selling Italian companies and the annual statistics of Italian luxury fashion houses exports are proof to that. If you want to see sales growing even in difficult economic times, look at this fashion houses example. And here is how they did it with a little bit of drama.

Gucci was a family owned enterprise, but later it was bought by Pinault Pritemps Redoute. The brand has the famous striped pattern and double G logo. Their world-famous handbags are one of the most successful lines of the company's products. Gucci bags have been carried by Jackie O and many more elegant women. At the peak of its success Gucci was almost an iconic brand. Jessica Alba owns few Gucci handbags, so does Lindsay Lohan and Jennifer Garner, Catherine Heigl and other celebrities.

This brand unfortunately also has plenty of replica Gucci bags, such as Gucci replicas or simply known as fake handbags and purses that are mirror images. These handbags are advertised as copy handbags at great price and good quality, but what you most likely will get is a fake replica handbag of low manufacturing quality with a shamelessly stolen design. But the brand are fighting them strongly right now.

In the middle of seventies and beginning of eighties the company suffered from bad reputation, bad management and lack of quality. There is a reference in wikipedia saying that they had become just another airport brand. After dressing the most elegant women of their time, it was quite a hard crash for the company. And the brand was fighting it real hard to get back to its feet until 1990-ties and under successful management Gucci did the impossible and even more.

Their most famous invention is the bamboo Gucci 1973handle purse. Although the current collection has brilliant line of 1973 bag (picture above) in vary many shades. For example the stunning violet python purse is just amazing. It costs $ 2900. Golden details. In total it has 3 pockets - zip pocket, snap one and an open pocket. Inside you will also find a cute engraved mirror. Its size is 10.2" (length) x 2.5" (width) x 7" (height). Buy it online.

This company also offers a sale section in their online store and there one can buy many discounted Gucci bags or other Gucci sale items. And this is a place and time to buy discount designer bags and to receive authentic designer bags at lower prices. Whether it is a beautiful tote bag or shoulder purse, there is a chance to find a handbag for any style. Read more on discounted luxury purses.

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