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Louis Vuitton started designing luggage in Paris during the 19th Century. 100 years later, and today this fashion label's leather goods are an unparalleled status symbol worldwide. Although the main purpose of inventing the LV logo was to prevent counterfeiting, there are plenty of replica LV bags around.

The iconic 'LV' monogram canvas was first created in 1896 as a way to prevent manufacturing of fakes (that was topical also that many years ago) and is the first designer label ever placed on a product in this way. Unfortunately many of these purses are sold as genuine Louis Vuitton bags and wallets, but they are only replica Vuitton purses and fake handbags. Right now LV has come to be the most counterfeited brand in history. And they are fighting it.

Although the initial appeal and luxury status has been faded away slightly, LV discount bags remain highly demanded and have become sort of an affordable luxury. Also most of the Vuitton handbags are available without long wait lists. Buying Vuitton purse is very easy because the brand does have a very convenient online store where their purses are organized depending on the materials, you have the Epi leather line, Damier Azur line and so on. Also if you are tight on budget then LV handbag sale is the wisest option to obtain good quality designer brand bag. LV sale and Louis Vuitton outlets have many purses, tote bags and hobo bags at low price. Hobo handbags from LV are popular, especially the Damier Azur.

The brand has also worked on the bag lines, and the most popular are the Monogram Canvas, Epi leather, Mahina Leather, Monogram Multicolore, online discount Louis Vuitton handbags, Monogram Vernis, Suhali leather and Monogram Ebene Canvas.

LV Ailleurs Cabas GM PromenadeOne of their latest lines - full of joy and funk is the Ailleurs that is a vacation inspired line of summer totes and satchels.
The purse in the picture is the GM Promenade. It is available online and it costs USD 1880. It has brass hardware, leather trimmings and the purse is made of printed canvas. There are several styles and print pictures available. The size of this branded bag is 20.4"(length) x 13.4" (height) and x 8.6" (depth). Inside the purse is lined with monogrammed textile.

The Louis Vuitton brand uses celebrities such as Uma Thurman in their ad campaigns in order to maintain a cult-like following. The amount of celebrities that carry this brand is paramount to no other; Ashley Tisdale, Lindsay Lohan, The Hilton Sisters, Duff Sisters, Olsen Twins, Simpson Sisters, Nicole Richie, Angelina Jolie, Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra and many, many others all carry multiple Vuitton bags & accessories. Their latest collection is vast and has something to offer for everyone - the classic Denim lines, Sprouse's colorful bags and city look Epi, Suhali leather collection bags. Look for more information of LV imitation handbags.

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