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Jerome Dreyfuss bags are a bit of extravagant not only because all of them are made in the brightest shades and supplemented with multicolor details, but also because they are given men's names like Henri bag, Billy bag or Twee purse. Although this designer is no stranger to fashion (he was designing women clothing since 22 years old), his first handbag collection was presented in 2002 and the trademark of his handbags were the alligator or crocodile skins dyed in bright shades. Jerome Dreyfuss bags, such as Twee satchel or Billy purse can be purchased at Barney's or in biggest stores in Europe (France) and also in Asia (Hong Kong or Tokyo).

The bag collection is very rich both in terms of bag models and styles (such as hobo purses, messengers and evening bags), but the biggest factor contributing to the success is the colors.

Colors, colors and colors again - lush, brave and playful these handbags are for a confident women who is not afraid to go outside the traditional luxury black handbag stereotype. This more like "let's enjoy the life" approach to designing and this designer is very promising.

Jerome Dreyfuss Billy bagOne of the biggest hits of this brand is the Billy purse (picture left). It is very large and slouchy daily satchel that has nine color combinations from burgundy to mustard. And of course the luxurious black version in python leather. This purse is 30cm x 35cm x 15cm in size. In inches it is 11.8" x 13.8" x 5.9". Inside the purse you will find pocket, a flashlight and a traditional key chain. The price depending on material varies from 630 euro to 1200 EUR (907 USD to 1800 USD).

All of the purses by this designer are colorful and playful and anyone can find something for her taste in the wide collection of this one of the kind designer. There are more extravagant handbags and a classic ones. See for yourself and get the desired handbag on sale.

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