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Helene Nepomiatzi bags are one of the kind. Elegant and 50-ties glamour inspired. These bags are made in France and Nepomiatzi is known as designer that takes pride in handmade purses, where every smallest detail has been carefully chosen and designed.
Also all hardware is carefully designed and leathers meticulously selected, so that the end result is a stunning purse by this extraordinary designer.
The Pursy bag is a large tote bag that can be folded as a smaller purse. It has a beautiful kiss lock closure. The inside of this designer purse has been provided with 3 compartments and an additional zipped pocket. You can wear this Nepomiatzi bag on shoulder or hold it in hands. The end result of any of her designs is almost a sculptural masterpiece. Also her clutch bags have the elegant minimalism inspired looks.

This brand's handbags line has also classic clutch bags with rounded shape. A bank clutch bag is a small perfectly shaped rounded purse with beautiful rounded lock.

Helene Nepomiatzi replica bags have already been found on internet, so check twice whether the bag you are buying is not a replica. You will be surprised how many there are of them.

Helene Nepomiatzi bagOther luxury purses from this brand are also available online and the favorite colors of this designer is the classic black, red and brown. Wait for Helene Nepomiatzi sale to get real bargains. Her purses are not cheap in all meanings of this word - the average price you would pay for a large purse would be around 500-700 USD. Smaller pouches would go for 300 USD. Also you have to know that for this money you will receive true quality in terms of craftsmanship and leather and hardware used, not to mention the unique and impeccable designs. This is an alternative brand with luxury purses that have the 50-ties inspired style (for example many bag models have the kiss lock closure). The brand also has an online boutique so save up your money for this treat.

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