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Hermes Kelly BagAlready for some time the world has been going crazy obsessing about the new handbag on the cover of the fashion magazine or seen carried by Angelina Jollie or any other top model or actress. Fashion houses have done everything in their power and their accessories lines have never been so generous and lush with many fashion handbags. Many girls are saving up money just to get the coveted piece of Hermes Birkin, YSL Muse, Givenchy Nightingale bag, Chloe Marcie, Marc Jacobs Stam and Alexander Wang Rocco bag. Or any other of the hottest bags seen on celebrity news channels. For long time there were only few special and inaccessible bags, such as the Birkin bag, but today any self respecting fashion brand has produced at least one memorable and popular bag.

Most of these IT bags represent luxury and wealth. And their price is sometimes the biggest limiting factor for keeping them special. These top designer bags are sometimes referred to as the IT bags, as they have something about them that makes the crowd go wild.

Though the golden times of Birkin are passing away, this bag is the ultimate icon bag, a must have for bag collectors accessories demonstrating either your wealth or popularity or both.

Birkin is a bag co-design by Hermes and French actress Jane Birkin. There is a legend that Jane Birkin happened to travel on the same plane as president of Hermes and she had accidentally made a remark that her Kelly bag (another icon bags from Hermes) was not comfortable. A new bag was born and it still has several years of waiting list if you want to purchase some of the rare editions. Also don't be surprised to find a Birkin replica on internet.

See also the men's bag section offering wide range of designer bags for men. For eco friendly people, there are Stella McCartney bags on sale that are made strictly from artificial materials.

Almost any superstar celebrity has been spotted carrying the Birkin or Kelly - from Victoria Beckham to Heidi Klum. Ashley and Marie Kate Olsens have the variety of world's most sought after handbag collection. And the Hermes brand has also overcome the economic crisis by not lowering the prices. They did just the opposite to regain their elite status.

Most of advertising for the fashion bags is done by help of celebrities. Read any fashion magazine and you will have a detailed description of what each celebrity is wearing and what is the price of the next top bag model.

Angelina Jollie bag collection sure is an interesting one, however the largest purse collection owner is Victoria Beckham, who owns most of the designer IT bags.

Many of the top brands have also affordable leather and canvas bags that are good match to the expensive haute couture handbags. For example, there are great Mulberry handbag collections or Rebecca Minkoff tote bags. Fendi tote bags sometimes have some great offers as well, and today it is so much easier to buy handbags online today. Some of the luxury handbag designers, such as Nancy Gonzalez has a designer bag sample sale that present chance to buy designer bags for sale. Well, we all want to get some little piece of luxury in our lives, and handbags are just one way to add up a little sparkle to our style.

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